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Rabengold Symphony
Burkhard Mahler | Germany
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Forst symphony of the Munich composer Burkhard Mahler [ More » ]
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Product info: Rabengold Symphony
(DE) A long time ago the beautiful Ravengold wanted to donate the gift of happiness and luck to mankind. She went out to share her gold with everyone, but soon she found out that mankind is too young to handle this gift entirely.

"Rabengold" is the first symphony of the composer and musician Burkhard Mahler, who lives today in Munich/Germany. In 2007, Mahler wrote instrumental versions, but soon afterwards he wanted more: a whole opera or musical taking place in the scenario. Together with his fellow musician David Seinsche, he built up a plot around the instrumental versions. There will be found one overture and seven new movements on the record. They are still instrumental and shall become the basis for the Rabengold musical.

This year Mahler´s “Rabengold Symphony”, which already earned very well reviews, is published in the United States.

This 100% Indie production is made by virtual orchestration.
Munich, September 2012
Artist info: Burkhard Mahler
(DE) Since about 12 years in Munich he produces and composes music for free and applied areas like Flm/TV/Commercial Spots. His instruments are a keyboard, piano, guitar, and of course the PC. The spectrum spans from classical music up to Hip-Hop, Rock, Ambient/Lounge, and Electro.

"Germany has been home to some of the worlds best Ambient music in recent years. German composer Burkhard Mahler continues to raise the bar with in the genera with his latest release Fusion White Classics II. As a fan of all things ambient I can appreciate the open space & sonic musical textures Mahler has brilliantly crafted on his music. Additionally Mahler’s compositions are also an amazing fusion of styles, making his unique style of music quite groundbreaking. He skillfully blends guitars, synths & ambient beats with perfect balance. This gives everything equal space within the atmosphere. There is clearly a lot of improvisation in his work as well, as a result many of the songs present what I would describe as brilliant musical meandering. This quality allows the catalogue to magically flow across your ears & fill your sonic space with peacefully & unobtrusively."
Cyrus Rhodes, Manager USA, @ IMD-Reviews
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