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Become a getyourmusic CD seller
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Register for free

To sell your CD productions at getyourmusic, you must create your own seller account. The registration as CD seller is completely free of charge and without obligations. All you have to do is enter the registration page and fill out the form with your name, address, e-mail and password.

Become a getyourmusic seller | Register as getyourmusic seller

Activation e-mail

Immediately after your free registration as a getyourmusic seller you will receive an e-mail. In this e-mail you will find a registration confirmation and an activation link. Click or copy this activation link into the address line of your browser. After you have activated your account, you can log in into your seller account.

First login

If you start the seller account for the first time, not all of the statistics and administrative functions are available. What you have to do now is to set up your first CD offer. Setting up a new offer is very easy. Just click on "NEW offer".

Setting up a CD offer

To setup a new CD offer just enter a few text information (name of the artist, info to the artist, album title and album description, if the album ist registered at a rights managing service like "GEMA"). Finally you specify the retail price for your CD album (EURO, Cent).

Send the first CDs to our stock

Once you have finished setting up your CD offer (or more), you only need to send us the first CDs for sale. For the beginning, send us 5 + 1 copies of each CD title to the address given in your seller account. Five copies are for sale, the sixth copy is required for the production of cover images and MP3 audio samples.

Just wait

If we have received all necessary information and first CD copies for sale, we will set up your offers at getyourmusic within a few days. As soon as you receive the corresponding confirmation e-mail, all functions of your seller account are available (sales statistics, album administration, stock management, etc.). And it beginns ...

Become a getyourmusic seller | Register as getyourmusic seller

Please read our terms and conditions (CD distribution at getyourmusic), which you can download here as a PDF file. If you have any further questions, please contact us. We are happy to help you. Further information about "CD distribution at getyourmusic" can be found at the following topics.

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It has never been so easy, fair or transparent to present and sell your own CD productions on the web. Become a getyourmusic artist ...
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No monthly charges, no running fees and no set-up fee.
Just sign in, create offers and send your CDs.
Set up the selling prices of your CDs and adjust it as needed.
Get 70% share of each CD sold.
Transfer your sales profits to your own bank account at any time.
Features, transparency & control
Exquisitely designed article page including MP3 audio samples.
Full transparency and control in your own seller account.
Sales, article and inventory statistics.
Out-of-stock reminder so you're always in stock.
Complete dispatch of your CDs, invoicing and payment control by getyourmusic.
Worldwide delivery of your CDs!